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From: Richard Andrews, M.Ed, CPRS

Re: 12 Month “Become an Information Entrepreneur” eCourse Training Program. The easiest and fastest way to become an industry dominating thought leader and evolve your speaking, training, coaching, consulting, writing, or internet marketing activities into a full-fledged info-product empire!

Who Else Wants to Become a Six-Figure Information Entrepreneur?

Dear Colleague,

If you’ve been earning a living as a speaker, trainer, writer, coach, consultant or other type of independent sales person or small business owner, you know that having only one primary income model or business activity simply is not going to cut it in today’s marketplace. Everyone has clued into the fact that in order to fully leverage your knowledge and expertise and maximize your earning potential you must create and sell your own info-products – PERIOD. Becoming a respected thought leader and information entrepreneur is THE best way to grow and develop every aspect of your business. And the BEST route to becoming a successful information entrepreneur is to attract an audience in your niche markets and offer them your info-product content through limited period membership sites.

Starting your own membership site is perhaps THE best business model ever. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit –

You find a customer ONCE and they continue spending money with you over and over again automatically.

A student of mine does the math at a site of his –

512 Members X $20 Per Month = $10,240 Monthly Profit

That’s over $10K coming in monthly from one site – from just 500 members.

If that doesn’t get your attention, then it’s time for a jolt of reality regarding what’s making people wealthy in today’s market!

The residual income that you receive month after month as the memberships are rebilled is at the heart of why so many people are scrambling to start their own sites.

Unfortunately, the emphasis is on STARTING, with very few FINISHING.


I’ll let you in on a little secret that hardly anyone “in the know” is talking about…

Starting and running a successful membership site the “traditional” way is HARD!

There, I said it. It’s the truth and anyone who has a successful membership site knows that it is the truth. It’s not an easy thing to start, let alone keep running for an indefinite amount of time.

And I should know.

I’m the vice president of Inspiring Speakers Bureau, and I’ve worked with hundreds of speakers of all backgrounds. I’ve booked engagements for the biggest names in the speaking industry, and helped speakers go from relative unknowns to well-recognized figures. With the help of my Master’s in Education degree and my Certified Public Relations Specialist accreditation, I have taught and trained speakers, seminar leaders and corporate trainers around the world. My original Motivational Speaker Academy eCourse has been applied by speakers in ten countries, and has been become the most recommended and sought after speaker training program on the market today, with thousands of members from around the world. You can learn more about me here: Richard Andrews.

So when I tell you that it’s hard work, I’m speaking from experience. I’m also speaking from experience when I tell you that the absolute BEST way for thought leaders and independent entrepreneurs to start creating and selling info-products is through a recurring billing, limited period membership format. There is no easier, faster, more profitable way to transform your knowledge into money – PERIOD. Since 2005 I’ve extensively researched and implemented literally dozens of ways for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, writers and other creative, independent business people to make money from what they know, and this is FAR AND AWAY the best and most reliable path to rock-solid success and predictable long-term growth.

Let me explain why it’s so tough to go the traditional membership route, and then I’ll show you how I’ve since learned to SUPER-simplify things, and how I’m going to teach you my success blueprints so you can duplicate my results in a fraction of the time…

5 Reasons Why Starting A Traditional Membership Site Is A Bad Idea
(What?! Did He Really Say That?!)

1. Traditional membership sites require too much work setting up. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t get their membership sites going in the first place is because there is a lot of work that goes into the initial setup. When you factor in writing a dozen or so original pieces of content to “stockpile” in your member’s area, getting training materials in place, setting up a forum, installing scripts, assembling a “library” of materials and other things most membership sites include, it’s just too time-consuming for the average person to ever get in place.

2. Traditional membership sites have built-in pressures to create content.
It is so easy to burn out by running your own membership site. You think going in that you’ll never run out of ideas to write about. As one of the most creative and prolific writers you’ll ever run across, let me tell you that I myself face this problem. Almost everyone does. And, even if you are supernatural and can continue coming up with new ideas for years and years, the demands of updating your site 3-5 times per week with new content requires discipline that most of us just don’t possess.

3. Traditional membership sites require pricey and complicated scripts.
By running a membership site, you have to manage passwords, protect your member’s area, keep up with who’s active and who’s stopped paying you, manage your content and at least two dozen other things. This requires a membership site “script”. Have you looked at your options? Most inexpensive ones are either inadequate or incompatible. And others are way too expensive (thousands of dollars) or have so many “bells and whistles” that you need to join a membership site just to learn how to use them!

4. Traditional membership sites demand a large investment of time.
You have a forum to moderate, cancellations to process, content to add, technical problems to troubleshoot, password problems to fix, and a variety of other tasks that usually get left out of the “sales letter” for a product or service trying to convince you to start a membership site. The truth is, a traditional membership site requires a large investment of time. Now, if this is the ONLY part of your business you’ll have, you might pull it off. But, believe me, it will leave the average person with virtually no time to do list-building, traffic generation and develop other products.

5. Traditional membership sites include a continual battle to keep subscribers.
Here’s a figure most people don’t tell you about: the “average” subscriber will stay active for 3-4 months and then they’ll cancel. What, you thought they’d join and stay with you forever? It simply doesn’t happen that way. With more and more membership sites being launched, this figure is probably going to get worse. People simply don’t have the time nor money to remain active members in many different programs. Factor in indifference, a lack of effort, poor results and a never ending amount of other enticing offers and you’ll be lucky to get them to stay 3-4 months.

So, if “traditional” membership sites aren’t the answer, what is? I’m glad you asked…

“The Easiest Way to Create Residual Wealth Is To Start A “Limited Period Membership” Site With the Information Entrepreneur Academy eCourse Training Program Success Blueprints!”

There is a much easier, more effective — just as profitable!! — way to start and run your own membership site that *will* be the “next big thing” because of its results. I call this kind of subscription program a “Limited Period Membership” (LPM) site. Let me quickly explain what it is…

Definition: “Limited Period Membership” Site

A “Limited Period Membership” (LPM) consists of weekly content shared via autoresponder to paid members for a specified period of time.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’d do in running your own LPM site…

  1. Write ONE 2-3 page article lesson every week.
  2. Load this article to an autoresponder for subscribers to access.
  3. Sell access to the series, which would last 3 – 6 – 9 or 12 months.

It’s that simple.

And the benefits are the exact opposite of the barriers for traditional membership sites…

1. Limited Period Membership (LPM) sites can be setup in 48 hours or less!
All you need to get started is one sales page, one article, one recurring billing processor (I.E. Clickbank or Paypal) and one autoresponder. Do you see how this can REALLY happen for you! Not “sometime in the future” … but, quickly! Literally, this week you can have your own money-making membership site taking orders.

2. Limited Period Membership (LPM) sites are easy to maintain!
Instead of struggling to keep up with 3-5 fresh articles to your membership site week after week after week … all you need to do is write ONE new article every week for a short amount of time. And, here’s the best part, once you have your articles written … it’s evergreen! That means, long after you’ve moved on to other projects, you can still add new customers to the membership site to access the series you’ve already completed!

3. Limited Period Membership (LPM) sites require no fancy, pricey add-ons!
You don’t need to buy any high-fangled scripts to get an FTM site up and running. All it takes to actually “run” the technical side of your site is an autoresponder account and recurring billing (Clickbank or Paypal) and that’s it. It is so simple that anyone can set this up within hours.

4. Limited Period Membership (LPM) sites require very little time!
Think about it: which takes longer to accomplish … (a) Write 3-5 new articles every week, moderating a forum, etc., or (b) Write 1 new article weekly? With an LPM site, the only real investment of time you’ll have each week is to write one simple article to add to your autoresponder for members to receive. Hmmm, what could be better?

5. Limited Period Membership (LPM) sites keep subscribers active!
Here’s the beauty of the “limited period” model: subscribers will stay active longer. Why? Because with a “traditional” membership site there is no ending spot. There is no finish line. It just goes on and on, long after the subscriber has lost interest and moved on to other things. BUT, with a “limited period” membership site, there IS an ending … after X number of weeks, the subscriber will have COMPLETED the series and will no longer pay. Many will stay simply because they are “almost there”. And, when you factor in the numerous techniques I teach on “finishing” you’ll get subscribers hanging on the edge of their sites in anticipation for the end of the series!

Let’s look at a quick example of what a “limited period membership” site might look like…

Example: Your Baby’s First Year

Let’s put on our thinking caps and use an ultra-simple example that the average person might choose and suppose that your target audience is parenting, with an emphasis on new parents. What could you do in order to establish a “limited period membership” site?

You could create a 12-month membership entitled, “Your Baby’s First Year”. In each weekly lesson you might share what kind of developmental progress should be made, warning signs to look for, helpful hints for various aspects of parenting a newborn, etc.

The beauty of this particular type of program and others like it is that you can then create a “Your Baby’s Second Year” and “graduate” members into another year of membership! The same strategy can be applied to many, many more limited period membership program ideas, including those which are more business oriented.

Just a few other ideas for a limited period membership site could be…

  • Trading stocks and bonds
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • How to start a blogging or marketing business
  • Inspirational/self-help
  • Writing a book or eBook
  • Gardening
  • How to overcome anxiety
  • Fundraising
  • How to overcome a business or personal challenge
  • Leadership in the workplace
  • Relationship building/repairing
  • Losing weight
  • Running a marathon
  • Anything related to your speaking, coaching or training business
  • Specialized or rare knowledge that you possess
  • How to start a particular type of professional services company
  • Improving your golf game
  • Managing your time

I literally could go on and on – there are thousands of possibilities.

In fact, you could create a membership site around just about any topic imaginable! (In week #2 I’ll actually give you plenty of ideas to choose from.)

So, I’ve pretty much told you the idea here … but, obviously, there is a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things.

While the process is very simple and you could get started right now on your own, wouldn’t you rather learn some amazing methods of turning this idea into a thriving money-maker for you?

I thought so.
That’s why I’m going to ask you a simple question, once again…

Who Wants to Become a Six-Figure Information Entrepreneur?


Information Entrepreneur Academy
A Step-By-Step, 52-Week Training Program for Starting And Running A Successful Limited Period Membership Site!

I developed the Information Entrepreneur Academy membership site to teach you how to create your own “limited period membership” site from scratch…literally in less than forty-eight hours.

That means “live” and taking orders in forty-eight hours!

Every week for one full year (52 weeks) you’ll receive an email with a special download link for that week’s step-by-step lesson. Included in the lesson is an assignment for you to complete so you’ll make progress every single week.

Over the coming 12 months we’ll cover everything…

Lesson #1 –

  • How to setup your own membership site in 48 hours or less!
  • A 10-step “Startup Checklist” broken down into bite-sized action steps!
  • How to create the perfect first lesson to drive up member interest.
  • How to blow away the average retention and *force* subscribers to stay 12 months!
  • 4 simple things to do to “run” your site in just 2-3 hours each week!

You’ll get this instantly after you join below. Everything you need to understand the concept and get started is included in just a few short pages.

(Note: You need to know how to register a domain, host a website, and use an autoresponder to get started with lesson #1. I will be explaining these things in additional lessons – so even if you are a complete beginner, you can be up and running in a few weeks for sure!)

The format is simple –

  • Lesson number one will explain a basic overview of how to setup your own LPM site in just two days.
  • Then, we’ll take a handful of lessons to walk you through each of the initial steps with some “golden nuggets” on getting better and faster results…with less work.
  • After that, we’ll look at some advanced strategies for taking your LPM site to the next level of profitability.
  • Intermingled throughout the series will be lessons on building a list of leads, getting visitors to your site, finding new subscribers generating extra profit (including affiliate commissions), creating content (even getting it done for you at virtually no cost), etc.
  • Then, we’ll close out at the end of our series with a big bang that is gonna knock your socks off … by following this final lesson you’ll be able to make more money than you ever thought possible. (Sorry, no peeking – but it really is a HUGE revenue generator).


All you need is ONE lesson, ONE sales page,
ONE recurring billing and ONE autoresponder and you can start to turn your
knowledge into an info-product EMPIRE!

I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to teach you how to do that.

To your success as an information entrepreneur,

Richard Andrews, M.Ed, CPRS

Limited Time Only Charter Member Enrollment Price – $27 Monthly

Note: The ‘Information Entrepreneur Academy’ eCourse Is Included With SpeakerMatch Academy Membership

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